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Run Rooms features the simple concept of navigating a maze of simple rooms all with 4 possible exits in the pursuit of collecting 12 photographs and a key to escape. However something scary is laying in wait...

This game was terrifying. It gave me one of the worst jump scares of my life after a long tense build up, you never know what will be behind the next door. Recommended.

Never thought in my life did I think I'd be terrified of a nearly naked dude in heart-covered underwear. That being said, this game had a cool concept with a door-infested labyrinth. It'd add much more tension if there were creepy audio cues to play with their mind; like things that would make the player look back in fear of something possibly following from behind, instead of just some random hostile character jogging toward said player the entire time. Creepy game, dunno if I got close to finishing it, but keep up the awesome work, dude! Looking forward to seeing this game develop in the future!

Cool new run rooms! tnx update 2.0 ^-^

I played for a while without running into the underwear'd guy, but I think I played an older version of this.

Nevertheless, I hope to see this game finished!

If an octopus could scream, this is what it would sound like. The concept of this game shows originality and potential, which makes me eager to see what more is to come. Thank you IDALGO! :D

HAD SOOOOO MUCH FUN PLAYING THIS! The game constantly keeps you on edge, and the fact that the murderer can catch you straight away scares you even more. I can see the concept of this game going far, Slender inspired... yet very unique!

Oh this is good. The way the tension slowly builds and you anticipate something happening, every single door becomes more and more of a gamble and a massive event, the sweat starts beading on your forehead and you wonder whether you shouldn't just stop and huddle in the corner of whichever cramped four door room you happen to be in...

This was an excellent, claustrophobic experience and I loved every second of it. Can't wait to see where you take it from here =) keep up the amazing work!

*Rurr* Hello everyone, last time I played this, it was still an early demo, possibly alpha - Gave the game a go again during 'Beta' to see how much has changed if any - though I'm definitely wanting to ask if there is infact an ending already in the game if you collect all 12 pictures, or if its just in-place for an ending that will be added later? Outside of that question, hope people like my newest gameplay

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Thank you! 

We remember your first video and glad that you are checking update of Run Rooms.

2 endings will be on final version. There are not good or bad, but you will know story of main character and mask man.  :)

Thank you blogger  OwnMcKendry 

This game was awesome I loved the concept and everything! Great job! 

I got more scared than I should have. I really liked this game but I think that if you add some more intense music in especially when the man is like 2 rooms away to really build up tension otherwise great job :)

Thank you blogger Markiplier :)

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, so i played the game and i feel like it is a cool concept but it is lacking of scary parts . But anyways Here is my gameplay i hope you enjoy it!

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Thanks for your review of your game! :)

This was actually super fun to play, I hope you enjoy the video!

Thanks for the review :) 

we will consider your gaming behavior , to play better and more fun :)

This is pretty good, really could do without the green tint but otherwise pretty solid. Definitely better experienced with VR.

Well, we will respect your wishes. We will make the option to remove the green tint

Thanks for letsplay! we will try to make the game better ! :) 
Letsplay turned out cool despite that I'm from Russia and did not understand what you say ..

You guys don't have to do that just for me. I personally think it would make the game better but if no one else has a problem it's really fine. Only a suggestion. I appreciate you checking out the video. Best wishes in your development. 

This game was terrifying, every sound I heard made me wonder if he was right behind me or not. I can't wait for future updates! 

have you changed the schedule, when you run the *. EXE of the game will be a window in which you need to supply the latest. 

The game has its bugs, will try to fix them! thanks for your review :) we will take into account your behavior in the game