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This is pretty good, really could do without the green tint but otherwise pretty solid. Definitely better experienced with VR.

Well, we will respect your wishes. We will make the option to remove the green tint

Thanks for letsplay! we will try to make the game better ! :) 
Letsplay turned out cool despite that I'm from Russia and did not understand what you say ..

You guys don't have to do that just for me. I personally think it would make the game better but if no one else has a problem it's really fine. Only a suggestion. I appreciate you checking out the video. Best wishes in your development. 

This game was terrifying, every sound I heard made me wonder if he was right behind me or not. I can't wait for future updates! 

have you changed the schedule, when you run the *. EXE of the game will be a window in which you need to supply the latest. 

The game has its bugs, will try to fix them! thanks for your review :) we will take into account your behavior in the game

3D TV vr box video

Quite fun, pretty tense. Especially when I realised by leaving all the doors open behind me all I'd done is make it easier for the killer to chase me, hah.